Professional Portrait

What is Archivist Fox?

Archivist Fox is my personal moniker that combines both my professional interests with one of my favorite animals. Foxes are described as quiet and resourceful, as well as calculating and sly. They often are described as working best behind the scenes but can cause a stir when they come out of hiding. This understanding inspires how I feel about the archival profession or any profession that handles cultural resources. That it is a profession that is often relegated behind the scenes and downplayed. However, when collections come out, they can often cause a stir of public interest. I am incredibly passionate about making the barriers more transparent.

Please peruse my space to see a sampling of my work history and skills as well as connect with me. Additionally, check out my blog, which is a place of both observations about my various interests including book reviews, art criticisms, and other topics I may ramble about.